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So, I’ve been putting this site together recently and I’ve been slowly digging through a bunch of old stuff, which includes the MySpace blog… Found some good Bobby rants on there, and I figured I’ll share those that might still be relevant.

This one was from January 2009 and it’s good that all teams hear it every now and then, even if it might not be a current problem (like it apparently was then):

Just a FRIENDLY reminder….

When attending a Full Contact Trivia show…


rule 1 of course is do not holler out answers..

rule 2 is no crying..

We discuss these two rules before each and every game and for the most part, we all adhere to them adequately.. These are to keep the gears of the game lubed and so that things flow with regards to the competition..


There are other societal rules that we are assumed to know and also adhere to. These other RULES, if you will, are to keep other aspects of the game well lubed and flowing adequately.

One of these RULES is please spend a little coin when attending a game. If a group of 6 or 8 or 12 comes and stays for 3 hours.. spending only $20 or so, this is the surest way to have our little habit 86’d. The restaurant depends on folks coming and having a bite and perhaps enjoying an adult beverage or two. If everyone does this, the math works for all involved… and we all have a better time.

The restaurant makes a little money, gets exposure, builds a regular clientele, etc.

I am, at that point, affordable and offering something desireable..

The waitresses make some TIP money and are motivated to offer prompt and courteous service…

(you all getting this?)

Stop spending money … the whole thing collapses. I’m not suggesting you are required to eat and drink $20 ea. every time you attend, but the table should average a certain amount per head.

And speaking of TIP money… Waitresses and bartenders are reliant on tips to pay their bills, tuition, feed their children, etc. Like it or not… agree or not, that’s how it works. 15% is standard for adequate service. Good service should perhaps be worth a little more… As a former server & bartender BELIEVE me when I tell you that you are remembered.. good or bad. Also, please bear in mind that what we do is take an entire restaurant over for three hours, so instead of a server getting two or three *turns* on a given table, they get one. This should be considered when tipping.

THAT means that even if you didn’t order anything, you might think about dropping a couple of bucks (or more.. it’s not like you’ve dented the finances otherwise, right?) to compensate the server for the lost opportunity

Think of it this way… an extra couple of bucks at the end of the evening from each attendee really doesn’t register in your finances.. Seriously, you drop a dollar or two without even remembering it a dozen times a week… Usually in circumstances where it goes to some faceless, nameless entity.

Now here you are, confronted by a person… like YOU, that not only depends on it, but is emotionally engaged in SERVING YOU for a measley $3 or $4 per head. So you spent $7 on this or that.. are you really gonna leave them a buck(!? … or NOTHING?) and then take the other two bucks and cram it in your wallet for no other reason than you’re just being cheap?


I haven’t called anyone over this subject in many a moon, at least 5 years, but it has been brought to my attention that it has happened with some regularity here and there..


If this little letter has personally offended you, then it’s probably YOU that I’m fucking talking about.

If such a position has made you consider whether or not you’ll attend another FCT show, take this little piece of advice and run with it, GET FUCKING LOST!

Now, if you read this and have learned something you didn’t previously know & are dutifully contrite, you’re welcome and all is forgiven.




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